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Science Lab Seating

Mr. Villanueva
Total raised - $4850. Our science lab needs new student stools to accommodate our new lab tables.
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Flexible Seating Donation

Ms. Blanco, Ms. Hibbler & Mrs. Pumroy
Total raised - $700. Help us give our students flexible seating options for their diverse learning needs and to promote choice and comfort.
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Technology Donation

Update our aging Chromebooks as students continue to learn using 21st century tools.
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The Arts

Help us bring music to our students by hiring a part-time music teacher.
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Comfy Corner

Ms. Hibbler
Total raised - $400. Help me make the reading corner a cozy place for students to do silent reading and research.
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Hands on Learning

Ms. Barney
Help me give my students hands-on building materials to use for STEAM challenges.
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Loose Parts Learning Center

Ms. Beckie
Total raised - $425. Help me give my students the freedom to arrange and rarrange, using the parts to create their own rules and designs, which allows the focus of the experience to be on the process rather than the product.
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General FAA Donation

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