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Four-year olds are naturally curious about the world around them.  The Frederick Adventist Academy (FAA) preschool program builds on that natural curiosity with an enriching program that stimulates the mind and lays the foundation for later learning.

Our preschool program offers structured play opportunities as well as free play time for students to discover on their own.  Preschoolers are engaged in exploratory topics and are encouraged to make observations and conduct simple experiments. These student-led, teacher-directed activities help increase the student’s awareness of the world around them and promote critical thinking skills.

Learning Activities

Content curriculum is taught through various learning styles and never through worksheets. Throughout the day children are engaged in hands-on activities that introduce early math, science, and literacy skills. Teachers plan quality educational experiences in order to intentionally immerse students in an environment that is rich in vocabulary.  Our program also includes weekly Kindermusik ABC Music and Me sessions.

While there is plenty of time for group interaction, there is also time for individualized instruction. Teachers keep ongoing records of each student’s daily progress through Teaching Strategies Gold®. This online developmental assessment tool allows the teacher to track student progress and create specific learning goals tailored to each student’s developmental readiness.  FAA also has a parent’s Web site that allows parents private access to their children’s progress and provides ideas for supplementing learning at home.

Behavioral Development

At FAA, preschoolers learn to work cooperatively with each other and are taught conflict resolution skills using the seven proven powers and skills of Conscious Discipline. This program helps growing minds learn to “perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions.”

It is our goal to promote academic and social-emotional growth, in a safe, caring, and loving environment, while keeping the ideals of Christian education at the forefront.


Pre-K students must be at least three years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year and must be completely potty trained.

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