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Seventh and eighth grades are truly a time of transition. Like the incoming tide, adolescence rolls in, challenging the children with new social roles and expectations that match their rapidly changing appearance.  At FAA, our programs focus on developing a strong intellectual and spiritual confidence that will help carry them out of childhood and into the adolescent world of high school.


Long before sin entered our world, Lucifer openly questioned God’s character.  From that time on, God has longed to reveal His true character to us through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.  Bible class gives students the opportunity to learn more about God through the individual study of His Word and through group discussion.  The class also emphasizes relationship building with each other and, most importantly, with God.  Students of other faiths are encouraged to join in the dialogue and are never criticized for their beliefs.


History class is more than reading the textbook and memorizing dates.  Students gain an active perspective when they participate in such civic activities as mock trials, debates, town hall meetings, contract negotiations, and Congressional hearings.  Participation in news broadcast groups makes current events an exciting part of the class.  Other features of this class include cooperative learning groups, online activities, and fieldtrips to historic areas.


Perhaps the greatest goal of 7th and 8th grade science class is to help our students to see a brilliant picture of their loving Creator through the lens of scientific evidence and observations.  A smaller school setting allows students to have greater access to their teachers for questions and for thorough discussions.  Learning activities are carefully chosen, varied, and paced with the curriculum.  Experiments and dissections are well supervised and take advantage of our SmartBoard technology and projection systems.  Field trips are planned around current learning topics, and guest speakers are chosen for their ability to present and for their scientific expertise.


The primary goal for math students is that they begin to see, even if just a glimpse, how math can be genuinely fun and exciting; not just fun in math-based games and competitions, but in everyday life. They will also learn how strong math skills work their way into nearly every decision that a person makes.  Math is taught with patience, imagination, and a great deal of enthusiasm.  

Frederick Adventist Academy uses the Common Core curriculum for our entire elementary school math program.  This curriculum is consistent with current curriculums across the nation.  Among other benefits, this allows our students to easily transfer to and from other schools and ensure that “on grade level” is consistent from school to school.


Computers are now a necessary part of the work and school environment.  At FAA, our children learn to convert many of their research, science and history projects into specialized computer-based presentation formats such as Glogster and PowerPoint.

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