Academics at FAA

3rd & 4th Grades

Their Environment

In third and fourth grade, respect and positive reinforcement are interwoven throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to become independent thinkers and cooperation and teamwork are stressed. Students work in cooperative learning groups to develop opinions, plans and formulate new ideas.  The importance of each group member is noted by the assignment of individual roles, such as leader, gopher, scribe and reporter.


Leadership skills are fostered and developed as students run for offices during class elections.  They conduct class meetings to plan parties and other activities for the class.  These roles give students an opportunity to learn responsibility and organizational skills.


Technology is used throughout the day to teach and enhance lessons.  The SmartBoard allows students to take virtual field trips and increases their learning abilities.  Computers are used to practice math facts and for individual assignments.


In Reading Workshop, students learn about vocabulary and strategies targeted to improve their skills.  Literary elements and reading strategies are taught during mini-lessons.  Love of reading is nurtured as students select books of their choice to read.


In Writing Workshop, students develop a desire to write by choosing their own topic, having time to write, and receiving a response from peers.  The mechanics of writing and planning strategies are taught during mini-lessons.  Students learn to edit, revise, and publish their stories.  Field trips to the Frederick News Post and Review & Herald Publishing Association teach the students about the publishing process.


Worship, prayer and Bible class nurture Christian character traits and values.  Weekly memory verses and discussions with the pastor encourage spiritual growth.


The math curriculum is based on the Common Core standards.  The students use technology and manipulatives to enhance their learning.  Animated math models, iTools, and real world videos parallel with the lessons.  Math drills are used to encourage basic math facts.


The Art Attacks video series is used to instruct art class.  An artist, Marcia Osterink, instructs the students on line, pattern, color, texture, space, shape and form, and composition.  Students learn about other artists and produce incredible artwork that is displayed in the hallway.

Physical Education

In physical education, students participate in calisthenics and organized group games.  Sportsmanship is taught and encouraged as students develop their physical skills.


Students participate in hands-on science experiments.  They learn and use the scientific method to develop critical thinking skills.  They choose an experiment to conduct and report their data at the school-sponsored science fair that takes place every other year.

Social Studies

Students learn about the state of Maryland, communities, and regions in social studies.  A field trip to the mayor’s office helps the students understand how their local government runs.


Students are exposed to Spanish through Muzzy, a DVD program.

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