Academics at FAA

1st & 2nd Grades


Our Bible class is designed to help students develop a relationship with God as they learn how He led in the lives of Bible heroes.  As we learn about these heroes, we discuss how we should live our lives to be more like Jesus and treat others the way we want to be treated.


The students use a math curriculum called “Go Math!”  This program is designed to cover the common core learning outcomes and teaches math in a “hands on” approach with manipulatives for each student.


Our language arts program, Pathways, provides the opportunity for students to read trade books and learn things like plot, setting, and characters.  The students learn how to compare books to real life, and identify similarities and differences between themselves and people or events they read about in books.  We also study Saxon Phonics, which teaches the students the rules for reading and spelling.


Our Science class teaches many concepts including the way in which our bodies function, the solar system, and lifecycles in nature.  The students participate in Hands-on-Science class where they are able to experiment or make something related to the topic they are studying.  In addition, each student creates his or her own book about our yearly science theme.

Social Studies

During Social Studies class, we learn about safety and about our neighborhoods.  As the year goes on, we learn about our country, our continent, our world, and some of the important people in history who have brought about positive changes.  This allows us to discuss how we can live our lives to affect others in a positive manner.


We use the Arts Attack! video art program which teaches the students how to  become better artists. Students use many different art media, including pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paints, watercolors, colored pencils, crayon resist, and more.

First and second graders spend a lot of time in academic learning.  However, they also spend time learning how to behave socially, how to treat their friends, and how to become more independent.

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